Faster than a speeding bullet, the 2013 play, Hearts Like Fists explodes onto the stage this Friday night.

With the zany energy of a comic book, the fight-infused comedy promises to delight with savvy, wickedly-funny dialogue and a madcap superhero romance.

Directing the show is Jay Gipson-King, a performer in his own right as well as creator of the Salem Theatre Network and educator at both Chemeketa Community College and Willamette University.

The production will be presented at the Chemeketa campus by Keizer Homegrown Theatre, a company formed in 2012 with the goal that both audiences and theatre participants should entertain, educate, “and… enlighten one another.”

Set at a comic book pace, Hearts Like Fists tells the story of the evil Doctor X and how, after suffering a broken heart, he exacts revenge by poisoning lovers in their sleep. An exhilarating chase, peppered by well-thrown punches and scrumptious one-liners ensue as three Crimefighters, Nina, Sally, and Jazmin, light out after Doctor X to stop the madness.

Everything gets crazier when the team finds that love complicates crime fighting, just as it does so much in life.

And can anyone stop Doctor X?? FIND OUT!!

Hearts Like Fists

by Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Jay Gipson-King
Keizer Homegrown Theatre
Performed at Chemeketa
Community College
April 28 – May 7
Tickets at, or at the door