The Space is knocking it out the park with their shows as of late, and Friday night’s has become something quite special in those hallowed halls.  To close out March, they are offering an old-fashioned rock and roll show, the likes of which covers so much ground that it is hard to contain everything in one venue.  The line-up is, as usual, quite fantastic.  Seattle glam combo Trannysaurus Rox is going to be delivering the perfect blend of New York Dolls and Hedwig & The Angry Inch, putting their trans lifestyle front and center in name, song and performance.  This is like seeing a great drag show where the performers actually play their instruments, AND they play a killer rock and roll soundtrack.  Trannysaurus Rox will have you dancing and shaking to your heart’s content.  Also in from Washington is Asterhouse, an indie / rock band with a tinge of ‘80’s hard rock that is particularly Northwest in origin, and I heard everything from Modest Mouse to Queensryche in their sound.  But for my money, the band you will not want to miss are the openers Fox Medicine from Eugene, a experimental punk / metal two piece is as strange as the Melvins, and charming as The Ax, and as loud as anything else you’ve ever heard.  Fox Medicine shreds, hypnotizes, and wails in a way that you will not want to miss.  And, who wouldn’t want to miss this party?  Filmmaker Tom Murphy is going to be shooting this event as part of his impending film Purgatopia, a film that features a number of local crew and actors all over the place.  There will be masks and props, and fantastic music.  This is where the action is.  From the Facebook event:


“Everybody will wear a crazy “venus friendship mask” during this concert which is a fictional Korean product. It is a mask that is either pink, green, yellow and fuzzy with weird straps going over the ears. Its to signify the intention some people derive pleasure out of by choosing to being oblivious or not listening to their surrounding world. i will provide these and we will all be having a grand old time making various faces while lights flash, like a masquerade. I will film everyone being crazy!!!”
-Tom Murphy, Cinematographer and Dreamer

9pm.  21+


Trannysaurus Rox:

Fox Medicine: