Sometimes we make art. Sometimes we promote art. Sometimes we teach and mentor. Sometimes, like local painter Becki Trachsel-Hesedahl, we do it all. Trachsel-Hesedahl, known for her luminous translucent watercolors, gorgeous florals, and occasional quirky forays into collage, is featured artist at Elsinore Gallery during March. The show, “There is a Season — In Life and Nature,” is comprised of her new work. As she prepared for the show, the theme, which was originally based on the biblical quote “for everything there is a season,” actually evolved into its current form. She cites nature and people as inspirations for much of her work and says, “I just want to share something beautiful and meaningful with others in my art. I love the juicy, tasty, luminosity of transparent watercolor paint. I love to experiment with contrasts of colors, light and dark and textures.”

Trachsel-Hesedahl, who states that she has been doing some form of art all her life, credits her parents and grandparents with encouraging her. Ironically, her first  watercolor class was a bust. She reports that she “hated it.” Luckily, she tried again and became hooked on watercolor as her medium of choice. She also enjoys experimenting with acrylic and collage, attends the Wednesday life drawing group at River Gallery in Independence, and looks forward to trying encaustic.    

A regular instructor at the Art Department, Trachsel-Hesedahl teaches basic watercolor for beginners and intermediate students.  She states that she tries to be an “encourager, as much as a teacher,” helping the students find their own creativity and style. Her generous sharing of her time and skills is rooted in her belief in the creative impulse in everyone. She says, “I believe each person is gifted with a creative space in his or her soul and it is our personal responsibility to seek and discover how to express our creativity.” 

A long time member of  Artists in Action, Trachsel-Hesedahl has been a board member, President in 2013, 2014, and 2016 and has chaired “Something Red” twice. She is currently serving as member-at-large in charge of publicity. AiA, an all volunteer organization, promotes visual arts and fosters artists in the mid Willamette Valley communities. Trachsel-Hesedahl feels it is important for the artists to have an active community of supportive peers, and to help expose art and artists within the community. 

For 2017, Trachsel-Hesedahl is looking to expand her venues. She recently won Best of Show at the new Gallery at Ten Oaks in McMinnville. Her plan to continue to expand the venues where she shows her work was recently given a boost when she was invited to become a member of River Gallery. “I am excited to be joining the gallery. They have several shows each year so it is a good place to get my art on the walls. The walls at home are kinda full.” The show at the Elsinore represents the achievement of one of her goals—having a solo show.

“There is a Season—In Life and Nature”
Through March 25
Gallery 444 at the Elsinore Gallery 444 Ferry St NE
Mon-Fri 9am-6 pm; Sat 10am-5pm