Now, supposing you are more interested in something a little heavier, The Space has an incredible evening of old-fashioned psyche-rock that is guaranteed to blow the doors off your van.  The Fools are, without a doubt, picking up the torch lit by Blue Cheer and Sabbath, and are picking it up by way of Witchcraft and other modern stoner rock ancestors.  But The Fools seem to keep their bluesy, late ‘60’s roots in sharp relief, and are well worth seeing in their full head-bangin’ glory.  I’ve never seen nor heard Falcon, so I cannot speak to their virtues, but Face Transplant (from Portland) are the perfect modern interpretation of Jesus Lizard that I have yet to hear come out of any of the hundreds of imitators that seem to pop up every day.  Night Lizard is certainly the outlier on the bill, mining a note-perfect rendition of synth-and-drum-machine heavy ‘80’s music that is deceptively danceable and, the further in you go with them, the more apparent their pop hook gift for songwriting comes into play.  You can almost hear the cocaine seeping through the production on their tunes, contrasted against the bourbon flowing through Face Transplant, or the four-paper-joints billowing out of The Fools music.  It makes me wonder what Falcon might have in store for us, and more importantly, if I can manage to fit both of these shows into my already packed weekend.  


9 PM.  21+.  Probably a Cover.