I am a sucker for old-fashioned rock and roll bars, and the Fifty Pub n’ Grub fits that perfectly here in Salem.  This place hosts consistently great rock shows fairly often, and it is safe to say that if there’s a show happening there, you’ll enjoy it, no questions asked.  The inexpensive drinks and the typical barroom hijinx is the perfect ambience for loud rock music, and this show is going to be the soiree of the Spring.  

Summer Eyes have that perfectly poppy seasonal sound that straddles many genres and manages to neatly carve out some territory for themselves that is rockin’, sweet, savage and swingin’, and will kick this party into high gear.  Black Delany is a fan-fuckin’-tastic stake-punk combo from Eugene that are absolutely my new favorite thing in the world, combining a sense of humor with a healthy knowledge of the intersection between punk and surf, but don’t let that fool you.  Their songs are sharp, and never fall into predictable patterns.  These guys love to play, and you cannot miss their set.  Closing down this gig are Hot Sheets, probably the greatest thing to happen to Salem since the Kettle Chips factor.  Their origin story is like something you’d hear during a Sound Opinions interview, and their energy and enthusiasm matches their punk sensibility.  Too much hay has been made about the make-up of the group, which is a summer bummer because their songs are the perfect soundtrack for riding your bike in the park on the way to a house party with a BBQ in the back and bands downstairs.  You shouldn’t miss this excellent show, unless you are, for some reason, stricken with some illness that cannot be cured by the soothing sounds of raucous rock and roll.  See ya there.  


9pm @ The Fifty Pub N’ Grub, Free show!!  21+