Exploring what makes us Oregonians. In 2015, Oregon’s population exceeded 4 million people. Not only are we growing in numbers, we are also changing demographically. Considering that Oregon has a history of racial exclusion, these changes prompt questions about Oregonians’ identity and values. Kerani Mitchell leads a conversation that asks: How can we create inclusive communities? As an East Indian adoptee who has spent most of her life in small Oregon towns, Kerani Mitchell is accustomed to questions about her citizenship and lineage. The constant questioning of her identity inspired Mitchell to obtain a BA in International Studies from Seattle University, where she focused on multicultural and social justice issues. She’s since held numerous positions coordinating people and programs in nonprofit settings, working with immigrant, student, and volunteer populations. She currently works as a coordinator at the year-round arts and cultural nonprofit Sisters Folk Festival, Inc., and serves on the Bend International School Board of Directors. • Salem Public Library (Salem, OR), Anderson Room • 585 Liberty St SE, Salem • http://splfoundation.org