Also happening this Saturday, February 4th is a rare appearance by Mexican Gunfight.  This Portland combo mines rock conventions and three chord structures to stake out new territory with songs that speak to a the heartfelt songs they often belt out.  Combining soaring solos, a Latin/jazz backbone to the songwriting, a driving piano and introspective lyrics that strive to tackle more than Person-Falls-In-Love ideas, Mexican Gunfight is perfect for anyone who might feel like they want to hang with a slightly older crowd on a Saturday night.

Certainly, Mexican Gunfight might be courting a different demographic than a lot of current and younger rock groups, this shouldn’t sell short their musical chops.  These guys have been jamming and working together as friends and musicians since 1985, and for over 10 years have been wowing audiences in Portland, and building up a fanbase that enjoys their particular take on rock and roll.  Their 2014 release “Long Play” was their chance to nail down the most well known material they have written, and has freed them up to write newer (and more impressive) songs.  The Gov Cup is often standing room only, and fills up fast, so if this is your scene, get there early. $10 in advance – $12 at the door.