Translated simply as a thing to wear, the kimono is so much more! Once everyday wear for everyone in Japan, the Kimono remains a traditional costume used for special occasions.  Characterized by exacting workmanship and hand sewing, each garment is an individual work of art. Come explore the art and craftsmanship of this iconic Japanese garment and learn the secrets of kitsuke. The exhibit was guest curated by Mako Hayashi-Mayfield with support from Kathy Andreas, Gretchen Coppedge, Takako Elting (Traditions by Takako), Misao Sundahl, Akiko Suzuki. Terry Baxter, Takako Masuyama, Hiroko Newman, and Susan Turner.  Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm. World Beat Gallery  Reed Opera House 189 Liberty St NE