Instrumentation speaks volumes about your group, and for some, the sounds of acoustic instruments is as – or more so – compelling than anything a rock combo can offer.  With that in mind, Taproot is hosting The Center Mass String Quartet, where the group is playing with The Jack Maybe Project.  Perhaps I spoke too soon by prefacing their sound with the word “acoustic,” because in their own words, The Center Mass String Quartet is “Folk-punk, Punk-folk, Deathgrass Acoustic,” and when you hear them wind-up at a pretty good clip and deliver songs like, “Blackbird” – as political a manifesto than anything Black Flag was getting on their soapbox about – then you’ll understand what I mean.

These guys are Old-Time Country, fueled by whiskey and misdeed as much as they are politically woke, which makes the folky stylings of The Jack Maybe Project a perfect opener.  Jack Maybe is a Portland musician, as experimental as he is down-home, combining blues, classical, folk and jazz into a melange of original tunes that must be heard to be believed.  If you’re looking for something different, and yet rooted in rebellious Americana, then this event at the Taproot should be on your calendar.  Set a reminder today. Free.