Silverton Poetry Festival Schedule of Events:

Friday through Sunday February 24-26, 2017

On the spring-anticipating last weekend of February, the Silverton Poetry Association (SPA) hosts its yearly festival. The events are various and the venues are scattered through the art-drenched town of Silverton and at the Mt. Angel Abbey. All events (except the workshop) are free and open to the public.


Friday 7pm  Oregon Gardens
Frank Lloyd Wright Gordon House

Poets Marjorie Powers, Annie Lighthart, and Joanna Rose open this year’s festival with readings in the woodsy and atmospheric Gordon House.  Food and wine, gratis.


& OPEN MIC:  Saturday, 11am-12:30 pm
Silver Falls Library Auditorium
410 S Water St, Silverton

This 21st year of Robert Pinsky’s National Favorite Poem Project, we invite you to

listen in and to share a favorite poem.


Saturday 3 – 5 pm
Main Street Bistro Mezzanine

201 Main St (at Water St), Silverton

Frost, Machado, Langston Hughes, Stafford and Szymborska set to original music by Jon Young and Vere McCarty.  Sing along and discuss the marriage of two arts.



Saturday, 1 – 4 pm
Borland Gallery, Silverton Arts Assoc’n
“Big” City Park, 303 Coolidge St.

Wabi-sabi, an inspiration of Leonard Cohen, is the Japanese aesthetic of transient moments. Write in a circle of poets, share transient poetic drafts, laugh, maybe cry too.  Ann Staley leads the workshop.  Limit of ten spots, call to reserve ($35) 503-269-7895


Saturday 7 pm
Main St. Bistro Mezzanine
201 Main St. (at Water St), Silverton

Poets Pepper Trail and Anita Sullivan read, converse with each other, and answer your questions about their work, ways of writing, and lives poetic.  Refreshments.


Sunday, 1:30-3:30 pm
Mt. Angel Abbey Library Auditorium
Abbey Drive “on the hill”, Mt. Angel

In a room designed by Alvar Aalto, five fine poets read from their best work:

Cindy McCain, Jim Merrill, Suzanne Sigafoos, Ann Staley, & John Sibley Williams.

Gustatory delights and collective conviviality at the conclusion in the library foyer.  


…I could sit in a walnut shell all winter.

Not keening.  Not watching the blued path through the pines. from “February”, by Annie Lighthart     

Schooled in the bare-branch,

pink-blossom, ripe-cherry,

falling-leaf tao of deciduous,

I could not love you, spruce and cedar…

from “Learning Beauty – an Apology to Conifers”, by Suzanne Sigafoos 

For information call SPA at 503-269-7895
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