Catherine Alexander, Executive Director for Straub Environmental Center and key manager for Eco Hub, stands in the new office for the environmental groups, surrounded by new pieces provided by the David Douglas Society.

Since its organization in 2004 the Straub Environmental Center (SEC) has occupied space at North Salem High School, most recently in a special science building on the southern part of the campus. Last week, this arrangement ended for the Salem-based non-profit, which teaches, presents and arranges environmental classes, talks, workshops and exhibits for students and the general public.

As of November 1st, SEC is located in office space on the first floor of the Wool Warehouse at the Willamette Heritage Center (WHC), 1313 Mill St. SE., Salem. The WHC, one of Salem’s leading tourist sites, provides SEC with a more prominent location, better parking and access to a number of public rooms for its various activities.

Catherine Alexander, SEC’s Executive director, expressed her enthusiasm in a recent interview”. “Being based at WHC is a wonderful opportunity for SEC on a number of levels and we’re excited to be in our new location”.

In conjunction with the move, SEC has announced a new shared space program called “Eco Hub” consisting of four local environmental groups: Friends of Trees, David Douglas Society, The Willamette Valley Chapter of the Native Plant Society and SEC. The groups will offer and coordinate their programs and events from, joint premises at WHC.

SEC will provide the core employees and all groups will contribute volunteers.

There will be a Grand Opening of Eco Hub Thursday November 17th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the new space.

The Grand Opening will begin at 6:00 pm with a lecture, entitled “Nature’s Pharmacy: Wild Parsley and Other Northwest Medicinal Plants,” by award winning author and naturalist Jack Nisbit. A reception will follow at 7:00 pm. For more information call 503-302-4645 or email