As you may already know, Venti’s Downtown has completed their remodel and is now hosting live music on their street-level expansion. They’ve been hosting regular Thursday night shows for a while, and now some local artists have secured a recurring spot. Elvicious Cash, a.k.a.Mark Parrish, is one such performer. He will host every third Thursday, featuring local artists.

Mark has been an active participant in the NW music scene in Portland and Salem since 1986. In 1999 he moved to Salem where he booked and played with scads of locals representing a wide spectrum of musical flavors: metal-ish Wicker King; neo-goth duo with Tonya Gilmore in Pretty Things; Americana tinged Rhinestone Halo; and Bonafide, a more straight ahead rock band. Presently, Mark performs third Fridays with his acoustic, eclectic covers duo Bro Diddley, along with Randy Flook. And of course he still performs Elvicious Cash – Mark’s solo acoustic singing story telling hour, named for his major influences: Presley, Costello, Vicious and Cash.

And, he recently performed with his long-time collaborator Adam DeBates, in the wildly successful Bowie Tributes, alongside a bevy of local “who’s who.”

Besides all that…when I sat down and talked with him and Kylie Burbank, (a gifted newcomer – more on her shortly,) I got a real sense that he loves to perform and he loves to share the stage. Which is in turn facilitating another established music event in Salem to showcase performers from those who’ve played this town a thousand times, to up-and-comings who might not have another stage to play: Venti’s is all-ages (except for the basement.) All ages venues are in short supply in Salem, so this is pretty cool.


Photo by Stephan Partipilo

Now back to Kylie Burbank. About a year ago, I was downtown, running late to catch the bus. As I approached Court and Liberty, I noticed a woman in full goth regalia, strumming a guitar. I got closer and I had to stop, bus be damned. Her deep, resonant voice conveyed a darkness but also a sweet vulnerability that had some real teeth. Yeah, I loved it. I stayed and listened for as long as I could, but I had to go. I never forgot that exchange. So when I saw her picture on Mark’s upcoming October 20th Third Thursday event, well…this article just wrote itself.

I have to admit, l haven’t heard all of her stuff, not even close. But the few I have listened to show she’s got range and maturity that are noteworthy. “Nicotine,” despite it’s kinda dark metaphor is actually pretty poppy, reminiscent of ‘90s alternative. Then there’s her most recent “Shake Me Awake,” which is much moodier and stripped down. It is worth your listen.

Mark has got his third Thursday Venti’s gig booked through July, 2017, featuring Nick Gillett, Nate Hagen and Jamie Lew Harris, just to name the next three after Kylie.