Measure 94

(amends the Oregon Constitution to repeal the mandatory 75-year-old retirement age for judges)

YES. Mandatory retirement ages are an antiquated and arbitrary idea for any profession.


Measure 95

(amends the Oregon Constitution to allow public state universities to invest in stocks)

NO. Public universities ought to be fully funded via the state budget, not via private investments in the stock market.  Reliance on stock market gambling simply furthers the privatization of the public system.


Measure 96

(amends Oregon Constitution to dedicate 1.5% of state lottery net proceeds to fund veteran’s services)

NO. It is the Federal government’s job to fully fund veteran’s services, not the state’s job.


Measure 97

(raises corporate income taxes on corporations that make over $25 million)

YES. Oregon is tied for the lowest corporate taxes in the nation — time to end the free ride and avoid a big budget deficit in the next biennium.


Measure 98

(requires state funding for career education, college readiness and dropout prevention)

NO. Local school boards can already decide to prioritize these programs if they wish — we don’t need a state mandate.


Measure 99

(funds Outdoor School for all 5th and 6th graders in Oregon)

YES. Outdoor School is a terrific program and $22 million of lottery funds would be well spent providing it to all students in the state.


Measure 100

(prohibits the sale of products and parts of 12 endangered animals in Oregon)

YES. A no-brainer.


Measure 24-399

(City of Salem $82 million bond measure for a new police facility)

NO. The proposed facility is way oversized and overpriced and ignores needed seismic upgrades to City Hall and the library. The new City Council can craft a more reasonable proposal that we can all feel good about passing next year.


Measure 24-400

(City of Salem 3% tax on recreational marijuana and related products dedicated to the Salem Police Department)

NO. We are not opposed to the tax, but revenue should not be arbitrarily dedicated to the Salem Police Department which already gets the largest share of City General Fund dollars. Let’s vote this down and pass a measure next year that lets the City Council decide how to spend the revenue where it’s most needed.


Measures 24-404, 24-405 and 24-406

(Marion County measures to allow medical and recreational marijuana businesses in Marion County outside of cities with a 3% tax on recreational marijuana sales)

YES. Another no-brainer.



President of the United States — Hillary Clinton

Although we favor Jill Stein’s political program, we urge voters to choose Hillary Clinton for President.  There is too much at stake in this election to risk handing the Presidency to a neo-fascist candidate like Donald Trump.  This election most clearly reflects the shortcomings of our “two-party” system, which, unlike most democratic systems in use around the world, provides Americans with a narrow range of political choices and cries out for reform.


U.S. Senator — Ron Wyden

Though we often disagree with Senator Wyden, his Republican opponent is way out of touch with Oregonians and would make a good Senator for Idaho.

U.S. Representative  — Kurt Schrader

We look forward to the day when we don’t have a “Blue Dog” representing us in Congress, but Schrader’s Republican opponent believes “our rights come from God.” Enough said.

Governor — Kate Brown

Governor Brown is doing a good job and deserves to be reelected as our Governor. We don’t need a Governor who has to learn on the job.

Attorney General  — Ellen Rosenblum

Another very capable and experienced elected official who deserves another term of service to our state.


Secretary of State  — Brad Avakian

Avakian is well-qualified to be our next Secretary of State, and his highly partisan opponent would politicize an office that needs to be above politics.

Oregon House, District 20  — Paul Evans

Evans is doing a good job representing his district and his opponent has no qualifications for office (no, being on a reality TV show does not count for Trump nor for Morrett).

Oregon House, District 21  — Brian Clem

Clem has been representing his district well for a decade now and has earned another term.

Oregon House, District 22 — Teresa Alonso Leon

Alonso Leon would become the first immigrant Latina in the Legislature and is well-qualified to serve this largely Latino district.