SWlogoopededWhat do Donald Trump, Bud Pierce, and Laura Morett all have in common? (In case you haven’t started paying attention, Bud Pierce is the Republican candidate for Oregon Governor and Laura Morett is the Republican candidate for the Oregon House seat in District 20, now held by Democrat Paul Evans.)

Well they are all Republicans, obviously. But they are also all utterly unqualified for the offices that they seek.

A Washington Post/ABC News poll in late June found that 64 percent of Americans believed Donald Trump is unqualified to be the next President. That number is certainly higher today. To restate the obvious, Trump was born into one of the richest families in America and has worked, more or less successfully, in the family business. He has never held public office, never worked in the public sector and never served in the military. He has shown astonishing ignorance of how our government works and of world affairs and does not seem inclined to buckle down and remedy his lack of knowledge. How the Republican Party could have nominated such an ignoramus is a question that historians will wrestle with for a long time.

But is Bud Pierce, who Republicans in Oregon elected as their standard bearer, that much more qualified? Here is another man who has never worked in the public sector nor held any public office who wants to ascend to the highest office in our state. If you go to his campaign website you’ll learn that Pierce was a “leader in medicine,” who, as an oncologist, worked from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. five days a week. So we guess he did not have time to involve himself in public affairs. Until now, when he wants to govern us.

If you poke around on his campaign website it’s clear that Pierce has done a much better job than Trump in trying to get up to speed on the issues. And of course, he is a very intelligent man, maybe even brilliant. Unlike Trump, he would certainly admit that he has a huge learning curve to climb. And he seems to be making that ascent.

But still, by any objective measure he is unqualified for the highest elected office in the state, something that, unfortunately, has been true of other Republican candidates for Governor in the recent past. Remember Chris Dudley? And Bill Sizemore?

Perhaps the prize for the most unqualified of this bunch belongs to Laura Morett, who again, like Trump and Pierce, wants to vault into a high elected office without any experience whatsoever in public life. None. Unless of course you count her stint on the TV reality show Survivor where her website says “she was known for excelling in the puzzle challenges.” Oh, and she has worked in the Capitol Lobby Message Center taking phone messages for lobbyists, and has taught fitness classes. Her campaign website says she is a “concerned community member” and exhibits “vivacious leadership.” Right.

We can only hope that after what will likely prove to be a debacle for all three of these Republicans, that their party will wise up and finally come to the realization that to be an effective standard-bearer, the first criterion must be that their candidates carry the requisite qualifications for office.