artPICKSWTEXTredddfinalOh boy Salem. You’re going to want to strap in…or perhaps, strap on would be a better turn of phrase for this gender bending evening. This raucous Seattle spectacle classify themselves as “Butt Glam,” which isn’t a musical genre I’ve ever heard of before (I don’t think.) From the research I’ve done, they’re nothing like I’ve ever seen before, which – yay. If you know me, you know I delve into the realm of alter-ego stage personas, but T-Rox takes it to a whole other level. Here we go: Einstein Jones on drums, Saint Dickulus also on drums, Bruno Nymphomanicos plays bass, Kinkita Trannimal on guitar, Danny Zig on vocals and Morgan LeGay lead vocals. Psst! Those aren’t their real names. I want to tell you so much more, but I don’t want to give it all away and I don’t want to scare you. Don’t be scared. All reports is that they are just like you and me…with some idiosyncrasies. I’ll leave you with their Facebook description, “Take a journey with us into a gender fluid-adult-musical-nightmare. A hard core, punk, 80’s butt rock, metal exploration of sex, love, death, and life.” I don’t want to hear the tales second hand – I gotta see this with mine own eyes. Just added! Tig Bitty from Portland, Bobbi Wasabi also from Portland and Megathruster from Portland/Salem. $5. The Space Concert Club.