There were rumors…   Duffy’s Hangar is closing.  And, it is no longer a rumor – they’re closed.Their last day was August 31st. I sleuthed around to get the scoop on what the future of this venue will be. A reliable anonymous source told me that a woman named Debra is buying Duffy’s or has made some sort of a business trade. Debra started Half Penny with Monty Miller and has owned Copperjohns and currently owns 12th St Pub. RUMOR has it that Duffy’s will be turned into a Honky-Tonk bar. My first question was, what’s a honky tonk bar? From Wiki: “A honky-tonk (also called honkatonk, honkey-tonk, or tonk) is a bar that provides country music for the entertainment of its patrons. The term also refers to styles of music played in such establishments. Bars of this kind are common in the South and Southwest United States.” Sounds compelling – the more the merrier. We’ll have to see what pans out.

Songs for Alice is a brand new Salem band, and I had the pleasure of catching their set at The Space last week, their first here in Salem. I was amazed how quickly this band got themselves together, put out a four-song album and started playing shows. Christian Dyer is lead vocals and guitar, Steve Cannon plays guitar and backing vocals, Dave Noffsinger on bass and Chuck Kovitch plays drums. You might recognize that Cannon, Noffsinger and Kovitch were the bulk of former Salem band, Almost Friday, which were together for eight years. When their singer left the band, Cannon thought of Dyer, an old friend and former member of The Misery Science and Barbarella. Dyer had moved to Arizona, but when he moved back to Salem, they quickly formed Songs for Alice. The name came from a dream Cannon had and they went with it. They describe themselves as alternative, but I’d add that they’re straight up rock n’ roll, reminiscent of Social Distortion. I guess that is alternative? I hate comparisons, anyway. How ‘bout you go see them yourself and listen/buy their album, which is on bandcamp. Their next show is at Christo’s Pizza on September 24th with alternative power-pop trio from Portland, Kill Frankie.

Last but not least – I’d like to brag about Salem Weekly’s brand-spankin’ new website, I’ve been writing this column for about a year and a half now, and I am always asking people what they want to see in the Salem music scene. I could write a whole article about their responses (maybe I will), but one response prevailed: People want a one-stop site that tells them all of what’s happening musically in Salem. And that, dear readers, has been my goal. I’ve had challenges – one being that venues and artists aren’t consistent getting their events to me; I am researching everyday to catch them all. Another challenge is that the print version is always going to miss some shows – it’s just the nature of print. We print every two weeks, and shows pop up constantly. That’s where Salem Weekly Music’s Facebook page and new website come in. When I get a Facebook event, I add it to our Facebook page’s events tab. And then, as if by magic, these Facebook events are converted into beautiful, detailed posts in the music section of the website. The more detail and pics the event organizer puts in, the better the post. And, I have the freedom of going in and adding more. I’m in love with it. And, if a Facebook event isn’t created, I take the time and build an event for the website. I’ve been listening, Salem. This is for you. Check it out.