artPICKSWTEXTredddfinalFriday, September 23rd @ 8:00pm.

To be perfectly honest, it was their name that got me interested. I love self-deprecating humor. And, it’s all the better when a band who calls themselves “dreadful” is anything but. Coming all the way to us from Seattle, Washington, The Mighty Dreadful brings Kelly Erb on fiddle and vocals; Clayton Kaiser on mandolin, guitar, and vocals; Nick McClean on guitar and vocals; and Andrew Lowe on bull fiddle. I want to see a bull fiddle, I’ll tell you right now. Refreshing vocal melodies and instrument work. My parents loved this kind of music and they would have approved of The Mighty Dreadful – they sound authentic and real old timey; not some ginned up type of grass. Which is fine! Don’t get me wrong. But personally, I found this band to be especially genuine. They play reworked oldies and quality originals. Oh yeah! This show is in a whiskey bar. How danged appropriate is that? Free. Union Barrel.