artPICKSWTEXTredddfinalThey say heavy metals aren’t good for the human body. But I’m saying heavy metal is. It’s nuanced. Inanimate Existence is from the Bay Area and they’re on a 10 city, west coast tour to promote their latest album, “Calling From a Dream.” Omnihility reigns from Eugene and will undoubtedly melt your face clean off. Also on the bill is Salem’s own Morbid Fascination and Dead Nexus. Dead Nexus just released their EP, “Bound by Flesh.” All these bands are on the ball and have their music on various websites. BUT, why don’t you wait for the show and buy their merch there? They get more that way. I listened to everyone of these bands, and it is some heavy stuff (read – I’m a wimp and I had to drink some tea and have a cough drop afterwards just listening.) But that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome. It means you’re going to love it. Make sure you’ve limbered up your neck, because there will be banging. Head banging. Ok? Sheesh. Death Metal. Free. Fifty Pub & Grub