artPICKSWTEXTredddfinalYou like to dance? You like the synth? You like the beats? Well, you’re in luck. This is an album release tour for Seattle’s Headwaves, who describe themselves as “indie rock,” but that ain’t the whole story. I always think Death Cab for Cutie when I think indie rock, and these folks are more synth and much more dance dance dance. Which will be a wonderful compliment to Salem groups Cooper Wellington and Night Lizard. Every Night Lizard show I’ve ever been to has been packed with people who came to dance. Bonus! Night Lizard’s Brandon Hill, Nathan Simmons, and Steve Lough have a fun and charismatic stage presence to boot. Taproot might want to move some tables back for this one – but keep the delicious food coming. Also on the bill is Portland’s The Crooked Looks. Their Soundcloud was down, so it will have to be a surprise! Nothing wrong with that. Brought to you by United Sound Collective. Free. Taproot Lounge & Cafe.