A friend of mine purchased a travel guide for Oregon a while back, and under the city of Salem, the entry was surprisingly brief in comparison to other cities. In fact, it was only one sentence in length. It stated: “No one ever accused Salem, Oregon of being interesting.” And it moved on to the next entry.

That old stigma seems to have stuck to Salem like an old, sun-baked and hardened label. I often hear people say, “There’s nothing to do in Salem,” and for a period of time—they were right. But now that the Recession is growing dim in our rearview, local events are rapidly increasing in number and frequency, making Salem, Oregon guilty of being “interesting” once again.

With such promising changes occurring, Salem Weekly and its Online Event Calendar have been revamped and rebranded to keep up with our city’s ever-growing goings-on. To ensure that we are the largest Online Events Calendar for Salem and the surrounding areas, we’ve upgraded our website with a more user- and social media-friendly Calendar.

This means, not only can you find the most diverse selection of “things to do” in the Salem area on our website, but anyone and everyone is welcome to submit their own events to our Online Calendar. Unlike some other local online Event Calendars, ours is free and open to the public, it doesn’t focus solely on “mainstream” activities, and we do not require a convincing argument that your event is worthy of submission, nor an advertising agreement to solidify placement. Simply stated: the Salem Weekly’s Event Calendar is quite literally created and maintained by the people, for the people—which is how we feel a Salem area calendar should function.

Logistically speaking, there is a diverse selection of options to customize events when submitting so that activity-seekers can easily filter and find a particular event which piques their interest. Each Calendar listing includes the basics: Title, Description, Date, and Time. But submitters can also choose to give their event a “Category,” which can be chosen from our extensive and wide-ranging selection: Art, Cannabis, Civics, Culture (life), Downtown, Eat & Drink, Family, Film, Green (environmental), Music, Recreation (outdoors), Theatre, Wellness (health/fitness), and Word (literature, open mic). Whether you’re submitting an event, or searching for something to do, we make it easy to locate exactly what you’re looking for.

We are passionate and dedicated to providing the most diverse and inclusive Online Events Calendar in the area. And it will only continue to grow with support from our community. For example, did you know that over the past year, we have established the largest Music listing in the Salem area? As Salem’s only independently owned, alternative newspaper, we have lofty goals for our future to become the leader in providing quality journalism, with reliable resources for all things news and things-to-do and culture.

I know I’ve said this countless times before in my articles, referring to how our city is growing and improving and how “people and businesses continue to invest in the community,” but my broken-record mantra is a valid one that deserves to be hammered home as often as possible because that horrid stigma of “So Lame Salem” needs to die a quick and forgettable death. Our expansive Online Events Calendar is proof that our city is changing her stripes to include more and more activities and opportunities for the people and businesses to grow and flourish. It’s a win-win for everyone. We do what we do—write and post and inform you of what’s going on in Salem; and you keep doing what you do—submitting events, then going to these events, sharing them directly from the Salem Weekly website to your social media feed, and supporting local every time you’re out and about. With a little help and support from our readers, we are finally able to show you that Salem isn’t Solame anymore. Check out our new site, www.SalemWeeklyNews.com, for all the proof you’ll need.