Oregonians who want to be fully prepared for the next Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake should remember to also take steps to protect their pets.

Following these tips from the American Red Cross, the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA will give you peace of mind. Don’t put them off.


* Contact local offices of emergency management to see where local shelters accepting pets may be located

* Contact hotels both nearby and out of town to learn their pet policies in case you have to move in

* Find out if “no pet” policies may be suspended in emergencies

* Contact friends you may need to stay with temporarily

* Keep a list of all possible places to stay with emergency supplies

* If your pet requires ongoing medication, make a list and get extra from your vet. Remember to replace it when it expires

* Make sure collars, tags or bands have current ID information

* Microchip your pet and register with the manufacturer

* Include phone numbers for you and for someone out of the area on tags

* Keep carriers in an accessible spot with your name, phone number, pet’s name, DOB, breed and medical info securely affixed

* Familiarize your pet with its carrier ahead of time

* When you are away, arrange for a friend or pet sitter to care for your pet in an emergency

Pet emergency kit

* Food and water for a week

* Bowls and dishes for food and water

* Extra medication, list of medications and medical conditions

* A carrier or cage for each pet

* Chew toys and treats

* First aid kit for pets (your vet can advise on this)

* Current photos in case a pet is lost

* Pet bed if appropriate

* Cat litter, newspaper or paper toweling

* Liquid dish soap or disinfectant

* Flashlight

* Blanket or windbreak

After the event

* If you evacuate your home, take your pet with you – do not leave it behind

* Control pets, who may be disoriented, in a carrier or on a leash

* Show pets patience in what for them may be a traumatic situation

* If you and your pet shelter in your home, find a safe room and remove toxic chemicals or plants

* Exercise as normally as possible; it will relieve stress for both of you and keep you healthy