Economic indicators suggest that homelessness in Oregon is on the rise. The most recent  Marion and Polk homeless  count by the Community Action Agency (2015) conservatively estimates that 1,660 school age children, veterans and other men and women currently sleep in the alleys, urban forests, in vehicles and under bridges in our area.

People who have no homes have the same human needs as those who do: food, shelter, medicine clothing and hygiene.

This comprehensive listing of where these needs can be addressed will continue to be revised in the months and years ahead.  Meanwhile, the City of Salem Public Library provides computer access on its lower level where people can search the Internet addresses provided here to learn up-to-date changes in services and hours of service.



• Marion Polk Foodshare ( provides food boxes and/or cooked meals through nearly 100 distribution points in Marion and Polk counties.  For a list of locations and hours, check the Foodshare’s website.

• Federally funded SNAP cards, often referred to as “food stamps,” are available to Oregonians who contact the nearest Department of Human Services office, at,  The office closest to downtown Salem is, 1185-22nd St SE.

• The Arches Project at 1164 Madison NE provides lunch Monday – Friday from 11:30 to 12:30. Ph 503-399-9080.

• Meals Under the Bridge.  Free dinner is served by Humanitarian Ministries Network of Salem (HMNS) under the Marion Street Bridge every day at 5 p.m.  Dan Sheets is Facilitator, Ph: 503-378-0253. HMNS is supported by a consortium of churches and individuals and is on Facebook.

• Kairos Community Lunches are served year-round Sundays 2-3 p.m. at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 790 Marion St. NE.   The food and labor are provided by several area congregations, Marion County Foodshare and other volunteers.

• First Congregational United Church of Christ, 700 Marion St., N.E., Ph 503-363-3660. Provides sack lunches Weds – Fri., 10:30 am – Noon.

• St. Vincent De Paul Society, Catholic Social Service Agency, 3745 Portland Rd. N.E. Ph 503-364-3210. Provides food boxes. Limit one to client every 28 days.

• Union Gospel Mission, 345 Commercial St., N.E. Ph 503-362-3983. Provides three meals a day to clients, male and female, seven days a week. Not limited to residents.

• Salvation Army Shelter, 1977 Front St. NE, 503-585-6688 provides food box distribution from 9 a.m. – noon, Monday – Friday.

• Homeless Outreach and Advocacy Program HOAP, 694 Church St. N.E., Ph 503-588-5827. Provides lunch, Monday – Friday at noon.

• HOST, 1143 Liberty St. N.E., Ph 503-588-5825. Provides snacks and meals to homeless teens (16 & up) and young adults (to age 24).

• CRISIS & INTERVENTION HOT LINE. 694 Church St., Ph 503-581-5535; 1-800-560-5535. Provides, in connection with its hotline services, lunch packets and emergency food boxes.



• Housing services change frequently, but  provides a list of area options.

• Arches Project, 1164 Madison NE, 503-399-9080, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 12:30 pm. Provides services for those experiencing homelessness, including a Drop-In Center, case management, help with housing placement and short and medium-term  rental assistance.

• Catholic Community Services specializes in housing and support for people living with mental illness.  503-390-2699, 3737 Portland Rd. NE.  Catholic Community Services has purchased apartments from the City of Salem for housing for those that need it.

• Interfaith Hospitality Network, 1055 Edgewater St NW, 503-370-9750, houses in temporary facilities up to four families overnight  or longer and feeds them. Services provided with the help of  participating churches.

• St. Francis Shelter, 1820 Berry Street SR, 503-588-0428, has provided housing for families with children since 1987.  It currently provides transitional housing for up to 13 families, for up to 6 months.  It provides individual apartments and active case management.

• The Union Gospel Mission 345 Commercial Street NE ( provides beds and overnight sleeping space for single men 18 and over. It operates on a shelter model with check-in and check-out times. It encourages clients  to participate in nondenominational religious services.

• Union Gospel Mission also provides short-term housing for single women with daughters and with sons age 12 and younger. The women’s shelter is located in Keizer at 5119 River Road N.


• Salvation Army Shelter, 1977 Front St. NE, 503-585-6688 provides shelter for single men 18 and older. Generally there is a waiting list of varying length.

• HOST, 1143 Liberty St. N.E., Ph 503-588-5825. Provides overnight emergency shelter to teens and young adults, 18 -24.

Camping. There are no free, public campgrounds in Salem. Camping is, except in private spaces with the consent of the property owner, against the law and the ban is enforced in parks and public spaces. Camping in unoccupied areas may be subject to periodic police sweeps.



• HOAP, 694 Church St., N.E., Ph 503 588 5827. Provides up to 14 showers a day, first come first served, during regular Drop-in hours. Also provides up to four clients laundry service per day. Each client limited to one load per week. Limited telephone and mail depot service available.

* HOST, 1143 Liberty St., N. E. Provides access to shower and laundry facilities for its target clients – teens and young adults

* Union Gospel Mission, 345 Commercial St., N. E. Ph 503-362-3983. Provides showers 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

.* Arches Project, 1164 Madison N,E. Ph 503-399-9080.  Provides limited phone and mail depot service.



• HOAP, 694 Church St., N. E. Ph 503-588-5827. Provides medical as well as mental health services for Marion and Polk County residents primarily through:

• West Salem and Total Health Community Clinics, 1233 Edgewater St., N. W. Salem, 97304. Ph 503-378-7526;

• West Salem Dental Clinic, 190 Kingwood Ave., N. W., Salem, 97304; and

• West Salem Mental Health Clinic, 1245 Edgewater St., N. W., Salem 97304. Ph 503-378-7526.

• Crisis & Information Hotline, 694 Church St. Ph 503 581 5535; 1-800-560-5535. Focuses on suicide prevention and emotional well being of its callers. Operates 24/7

• Salem Hospital,  Emergency Room, 890 Oak St., S. E. Ph 503 561 5200. In an emergency situation this facility provides treatment, 24 /7. Fee waivers are available.



• Helping Hands, 1755 13th St SE, 503-364-9936 offers free clothing, bedding and small household goods every Monday – Thursday and Saturday, 9 a.m. – noon.  Clients may come once every 7 days, need to provide one piece of valid identification.

• HOAP at 694 Church St NE. Ph 503-581-5535. Provides clothing  at the Drop-In Center.

• The Salvation Army at 1977 Front Street NE, 503-585-6688. Provides seasonal coats, school supplies and Christmas toys for children.

* Union Gospel Mission, 345 Commercial St., N E. Ph 503-362-3983. Provides socks, underwear and vouchers to purchase clothes at the UGM Store, 745 Commercial St, N E. Ph 503-967-6388.

• First Congregational United Church of Christ, 700 Marion St, N E. Provides socks and bedding on an irregular basis.

• Thrift Stores. Salem has a large assortment of thrift stores with a wide variety of clothes and household goods which are sold at lower-than-retail prices. Choices include: The UGM Store, Ph 503-967-6388 and a number of Goodwill Stores such as 3235 Portland Rd, Ph 503-587-9760; a Salvation Army Store, Ph 503 375 2511; and a St Vincent De Paul Store, Ph 503-364-3210.



• Salem Public Library, 585 Liberty St, S E, Ph 503-588-6315 and the library at Willamette University, 900 State St, 503 370 6312, both offer free access to public computers.  Check for current hours and policies.

• The monthly online blog, Salem Homeless Newsletter, which is run by James Sugar at, publicizes updates of interest to locals, and  offers information about events supporting the homeless as well as meals, warming and shelter options and more.



Salem’s Bus System is known as the Cherriots. Its depot is at Courthouse Square at the NE corner of High and Court, Ph 503-588-2877. The Cherriots charge a fee to ride the bus but there are reduced fees for seniors and handicapped. The Cherriots distribute passes annually to the United Fund which distributes a limited number  of passes to various agencies. HOAP and its related agencies N W Human Resources and the Crisis Hot Line have some passes for clients. The Oregon Dept. of Human Resources will help obtain passes as part of its SNAP program.

• HOAP, 694 Church St, N E, Ph 503-588-5827 facilitates free van transportation between its  center and the related clinics of N W Human Resources.



Drop in services – i.e. day use – are available at

• HOAP, 694 Church St. N E, Ph 503 588 5827. Current hours are Tues, Wed & Fri 9:00 – 2:00 pm; Mon & Thursday 9:00-11:00 am woman only, 11:00 – 2:00 pm

• Arches Project, 1164 Madison N E, Ph 503-399-9080. Current hours 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

* HOST, 1143 Liberty St NE, Ph 503-588-5825. Daytime and evening drop for its target population of teens and young adults.

• During the winter months The Community Action Agency, 2395 Center St, Ph 503-399-9080, provides overnight warming shelters in severely cold weather when the day time temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees. Locations vary. Call the Agency for dates and places.



• The City of Salem maintains a porta-potty in the Marion Square Park, at 551 Commercial Street NE.

• Two additional private porta-potties have been placed in Salem’s downtown core this year; one in the parking lot of the First Congregational Church of Christ 700 Marion St, and another in the alley behind the Salem Arts Building (cross streets are State and Court, Liberty and Commercial.

• More portable restrooms may be coming to Salem.  Up-to-date info on their placement can be found on the Arta Potties Facebook page, managed by Rebecca Courtney.

• Public restrooms are available in government buildings such as Salem City Hall, 555 Liberty Street SE, Salem Public Library 585 Liberty Street SE, Marion County Transit Center and Oregon State Capitol 900 Court St NE.



• 211 Network is the place to call for referral information for local resources for food, housing and social services (Dial “2-1-1” on a telephone)

• National Coalition of the Homeless  ( provides lists of resources in Oregon cities, including women’s shelters, resources for teenagers that may become homeless and a list of suggestions for those who may become homeless in a few weeks, including advice about money, food, disability, transportation and more.

• Limited financial aid may be available from a variety of agencies including: Crisis & Information Hotline, 694 Church St., Ph 503-581-5535 and 1-800-560-5535; St Vincent De Paul, 3745 Portland Rd N E, Ph 503-364-3210 and Salvation Army Shelter, 1977 Front St N E 503-585-6688.