Friday, June 24th at Duffy’s Hangar at 9pm: Edenfell, Dysgenia and Randy Randall – ProgRock. Edenfell is one of the hardest working bands in Salem. They’ve been playing a lot lately promoting their recent album “Above and Below.” They self-describe as “highly progressive and experimental alternative rock/metal band.” They’ll be joined by Dysgenia a Portland ProgRock band and Randy Randall, also from Portland. And holy smokes, he’s a shredder. Got a Steve Vai/Joe Satriani vibe, but of course moderned up with synth interludes and the like. This show is free.

Wednesday, June 29th at The Space Concert Club at 8pm: Endorphins Lost, Snakes, No Trial and Witchbreath – Grindcore/Powerviolence. Since the Wisp House was shut down (BOO!), there hasn’t been a place in Salem for this type of music. So, yay The Space! Way to pick up the pieces. Some of you may be saying, “What in the hell is grindcore/powerviolence?” Well, it’s kinda like what it sounds like. Pissed off, loud and fast metal. Don’t be scared. There’s actually some pretty valid reasons to be pissed off these days, and some express it differently than others. Don’t judge! And some aren’t asking any questions except, “Can I have Thursday, June 30th off work?” Endorphins Lost is from Seattle; Snakes comes from Portland; Witchbreath and No Trial is Salem’s own. The doors open at 7pm and is $6.

Saturday, July 2nd at IKE Box at 7:30pm: Yaquina Bay, Loch Lomond and Nick Jaina – Indie/Folk/Other. Salem’s own orchestral indie band Yaquina Bay is back in town and bringing some Portland friends with them. This is a monster ticket here folks. I think Loch Lomond might be one of my new faves. “Raw, symphonic chamber pop?” Yes please. And Wow. Lead singer Ritchie Young has got one of the most varied and interesting voices I’ve heard in a while. I see Nick Jaina is described as AltFolk, but labels almost always fail. He’s got quite a portfolio: he’s a musician, a writer and he also composes ballets. So yeah. What are you doing with your life? Probably going to this show because it is going to be extra fantastic with the IKE Box’s new PA. This show costs $8 in advance and $10 at the door.