You may have noticed Salem Weekly’s new logo, which we’re thrilled to report is just the start of some exciting changes with the newspaper.

We are now the proud owners of this brand new website, salemweeklynews.com, which we invite you to peruse and play around with at your convenience.

Truth be told, Salem Weekly is at a point of immense growth; there is both an internal and external excitement with the opportunities that we’re exploring. We’ve tilted on our digital axis, giving ourselves the ability to incorporate video on our website, and introduce other interactive engagements with our readers. In addition, we are expanding our local investigative reporting and introducing more sections to our newspaper. Our office has had a facelift, we’ve acquired new contributors, and we’re inviting our readers to participate more with us going forward.

Our mission has always been to serve our readers with a positive editorial alternative to mainstream journalism, while providing them with content they can’t find elsewhere. This regeneration of resources and opportunities is allowing us to regain traction with our mission, and align with our original trajectory.

If you’re interested in becoming an addition to the Salem Weekly family, or would like to offer up feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us!

And watch for more surprises, because they’re coming….

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support of Salem Weekly News; we thrive, thanks to you.



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