Metal and Glass

River Gallery 

184 S Main St.


503 838-6171

May 3-28

This show features two Corvallis artists, metal sculptor Tamera Greiter, and Jerri Bartholomew a research scientist and glass artist. Greiter uses  100% recycled metal in her work, incorporating old, traditional blacksmith forging and today’s new technologies.  Bartholomew combines her two passions into what she describes as free form imagery.  Black and white photos are central to all of her pieces using a variety of fusing and cold working techniques to transform each image.


“New Lenses”

Elsinore Gallery

444 Ferry St SE 

503 581-4642

“Seeing the world through NEW LENSES” is a photography show with entries from both the traditional(film) and digital photography genres.  New printing methods and presentations including canvas, metal and other print media are also highlighted.  Featured Salem area artists include: Larry Goss,Chris Fischer, Doug Bearce, Joel Zak and Philip Augustin, with a possibility of more.  Elsinore’s Featured Artist Showcase through July will include: Chris Cummings, Caly Garris, James Southworth, Jim Shomaker, Larry Kassell, Rod Frederick.  New original works by Susan Bourdet are also being shown.


“Asymmetry: The Art of Letting Go”

Lunaria Gallery 

113 N Water Street


This show  features abstract pastel and acrylic paintings by Jane Castelan Buccola, a versatile artist who  has worked in oil, watercolor, batik, pen and ink over a career spanning more than 40 years.  She  favors abstract painting because she feels it is more open to fuller involvement of intuition and imagination.  Castelan Buccola  is a member of Lunaria Gallery, the Northwest Pastel Society, and Silverton Art Association.  She is inspired by Albert Einstein who said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” The show runs May 4-30 with an artist’s reception May 6 from 7-9pm


Michael Boonstra: Between Horizons

Bush Barn Art Center

May 7-June 25

With major advancements in satellite and space technology since and the advent of Google Earth has changed the way we see the planet.  Viewing the Earth from a great distance changes our perspective, with natural formations and the linear elements of human development coexisting.  Award winning artist Michael Boonstra creates invented landscapes that examine our aerial perspective through drawing and photography. Boonstra’s work has been exhibited  at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, Duplex in Portland and Root Division in San Francisco. He has created site-specific projects in Michigan, California and at numerous sites in the Pacific Northwest. A reception  May 6 from 5:30-7:30 pm will include an artist talk at 6 pm.


Newly Exposed: Low Tide Landscapes by Rich Bergeman

Focus Gallery 

Bush Barn Art Center

May 7-June 25

Rich Bergeman is particularly drawn to the exposed beaches at extreme minus tide. When the sea recedes far enough, the exposed landscape unfolds a whole new world to explore, a terrain that lies hidden under the waves and out of sight most of the time.  Bergman’s photographs are even more striking when the viewer realizes that the tool used to create them is the most basic homemade camera imaginable—a wooden cigar box with a tiny pinhole on one side and a sheet of film on the other.  See the Oregon Coast in a more intimate way, through the eye of Bergman’s humble pinhole camera