Oregon’s primary is May 17th. There are a number of exciting contests but many are partisan races. Consider:

Do you support Donald Trump in his quest to save the country? Or, do you want to deny him delegates to save The Party of Lincoln in an open convention? To vote for or against Trump you have to be a registered Republican!

Are you for Bernie in his campaign to stop the Clintons from turning the Democrats into corporate porridge? Or do you believe it’s Hillary’s time – experienced, competent, a Woman of Destiny! Either way you have to be a registered Democrat to cast your vote.

You have until April 26th to register or to change your registration to the party of your choice. You can register initially or change your registration by completing an Oregon Voter Registration Card at the County Clerk’s Election Office, second floor, Courthouse Square, 555 Court Street, Salem, or you can go online at “oregonvotes.gov”. There is no charge.

Remember, if you are like a large percentage of Oregon voters “registered but unaffiliated” you are generally not allowed to vote in a party’s primary. You can, however, vote in non-partisan races such as those in the City of Salem or contested county races like the County Clerk in which incumbent Bill Burgess faces two opponents. But in the big party contests you have to re-register in a party of your choice. The rules are less restrictive for the Independent Party, but it does not have any contested races.

In sum if you want to play in this year’s primary game- a particularly exciting year- be sure you have registered in your party by April 26th.