Daniel Benjamin

Hello folks,

I’d like to thank Salem Weekly for reaching out and extending an opportunity for me to talk to the great citizens of Salem.

I first like to thank all the folks in Ward 6 that voted in the city council election last year.

I feel in many cases local elections are more crucial for a community’s safety and prosperity than federal. Public involvement is also crucial in many ways. That’s why a neighborhood association is a perfect place to get plugged in. Another great avenue for information is the City of Salem website. By participating in your neighborhood association and keeping informed using the City of Salem website, (just like we do Facebook) folks can come together and have meaningful dialogue.

As a city councilor I am not privy to any more or less information than anyone else in the City of Salem. However it is a daunting task to read through past Council actions, local ordinances, state law, and federal law. All while trying to disseminate volumes of Staff reports and consultant reports, citizen  comment…. and yes, Salem Community Vision reports just to name a few. But if it isn’t done by the citizen as well….we end up with a vocal minority that hardly represents the vast majority.

When I sought a seat for a council position, my focus was to create an environment that promotes jobs. Using myself as an example I work to survive. I work to feed my family. I work to provide nice things for my family. If the only job available pays minimum wage, (been there) then I probably need to find two of them.(been there as well) Or get tooled up to get a higher-paying position (education or a better attitude). Or better yet find a way to employ myself!

It’s no secret that small business hires more people than big business. For folks like myself growing a business, I hear you. It’s my duty as a counselor, a major undertaking, to promote an environment  where businesses in the City of Salem can thrive.

I believe all of us on City Council want to see the same thing. Folks working to better themselves and their families through gainful employment or even starting a business. Some cases staying out of the way. Thus making the family stronger. So that someday the fruit of  all the labor and sacrifice lead to property ownership and financial Independence. After all isn’t that the American dream?

It’s not that the City of Salem has a lot of problems… on the contrary there are copious amounts of opportunity. It’s just getting all the parts in order and getting  them to work. That would be the responsibility of….. everyone….not just government.

It starts with the individual, to be determined enough claim victory. The family to support the determined individual. A neighborhood that wants to be the very best to and for their neighborhood of families. A city that cares for how it works toward common goals to support the neighborhood’s. A County to be excited about fostering industries that produce vital economic activity, and put the city on the map. And a state that is dedicated…. to the individual determined enough to claim victory.

At your service,

Daniel Benjamin

Salem City Counselor Ward 6