Shorter days and a coldish snap to the air have meant fresh apples, pears and fruit ciders to people for hundreds of years.

Salem’s Pringle Creek Community, a sustainable, environmentally resourceful 32-acre oasis in South Salem, is celebrating the fall season with an invitation to Salem to share the unique flavors of fall and end-of-summer lessons of urban farming.

“It’s the harvest season and this is an opportunity for people to bring their apples and pears and use our apple press,” says Kerry Fox, Event and Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, “and try some of the apples and pears on our trees as well.”

The spacious, Pringle Creek “glass house” greenhouse will be open during the event so attendees can view the winter crops already planted by Colleen Owens, staff Urban Farmer.  “People can see what’s growing,” Fox says, “and sign up for our urban farming classes themselves.  This will be a great time for folks to share with each other what works in their gardens and what doesn’t work.”

The day will be reminiscent of harvest celebrations held for as long as people have planted crops.  Pringle Creek has geared it for families and youngsters, gardeners and sustainability fans.

Pringle Creek Community’s orchards, gardens, chickens and the colors of fall will enliven the day.

“We’re encouraging folks to bring creations from their garden harvest, along with stories, to share,” Fox says.  “The spirit of the gathering is to celebrate the harvest.”

Harvest Fest!

Painter’s Hall

Pringle Creek Community

3911 Village Center Drive SE

October 10

11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Please RSVP to