I met Joe Kyle, the guitarist and singer for The Folly, when he came into my work downtown to hang a flyer for their upcoming show at Duffy’s Hangar. Coincidentally, I had stumbled upon them a few nights earlier on bandcamp while researching Salem bands. I was impressed by his professionalism and enthusiasm, so I asked to talk to the band.

I sat down with them at Duffy’s before their show and found four affable and earnest guys who love playing music together. Joe Kyle, (guitar/vocals) and Russ Thomas (guitar/vocals) are both from Salem. Jeremiah Taylor (bass) is originally from Michigan and Riley Worrell comes from The Dalles, Oregon. One thing that stood out right away with this group: they are hard-working and dedicated to the idea of growing the music scene in Salem. At the risk of sounding cliché , Salem can use all the help she can get, so props to The Folly for that.

Joe and Russ are the founding members and were in a previous group called KTR. They organized the Keizer Labor Day Music Festival in 2009 and the Valley Summer Rock Festival in 2010. Both these events were held at Keizer Rapids Park, after they ran into difficulties jumping through the City of Salem’s hoops (shock!) They are interested in organizing more of these festivals that feature local performers and asked that I include a shout out to other musicians. If you are a musician out there and share this dream, you might find an ally here. Look Joe up. I get the feeling, Joe and Russ are the kind of guys that get things done.

After we talked, I caught a set of their originals. I wince at playing the “You guys sound like…” game, so I asked them to do it for me. “It’s like Led Zeppelin and Tool had a baby,” says Joe, “with a dash of Crosby, Stills and Nash,” added Russ. I did hear all these influences in their music with some Metallica and STP and of course, their own sound. They do go for the heavy sound, which is why they chose a name like The Folly. They wanted a name that was in contrast to their music. “Our songs are dark and reflective of love and loss. We chose a name that was in contrast,” said Thomas. “It’s all part of an adventure.”

The Folly is in the studio now recording a seven song LP that is anticipated to be out in late Summer. Listen to their music at thefollymusic.bandcamp.com. They also have residency at Boon’s Treasury – every second Wednesday.