On May 26 people from all over western Oregon will rally at the Capitol to deliver a message to Governor Brown and other state officials “No LNG; No Pipelines; Protect Oregon Our Home.”  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. President of the Waterkeeper Alliance will give the keynote speech.

The rally will call attention to two liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals proposed for Oregon, along with energy-intensive liquefaction plants, and hundreds of miles of pipeline carrying fracked natural gas. Both sites, in Coos Bay on the southern Oregon Coast and in Warrenton at the mouth of the Columbia River, are in earthquake and tsunami zones with estuaries prized for fisheries and recreation.  A one-hundred-foot wide zone will be taken by eminent domain if necessary and cleared to build pipelines that will cross the Columbia, Umpqua, and Rogue Rivers, 400 streams, farmland, and public land including old growth forest and riparian reserves. Accommodating the massive ships – longer than the Oregon Capitol Building – that will carry LNG overseas requires large parcels of land and dredging bays in Warrenton and Coos Bay.

Some energy policy analysts claim that because burning natural gas emits less carbon than coal or oil it offers a bridge fuel to a low-carbon economy. However, others point out that over its life cycle natural gas is no better for the climate since wells, pipelines and processing plants leak methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas. Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director says, “Natural gas is not a bridge – it’s a gangplank.”  Liquefying, shipping and re-gasifying mean that LNG is even more energy intensive.

Columbia Riverkeeper announced in late April that the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals upheld Clatsop County’s denial of a permit for a natural gas pipeline through the county to the port on the grounds that It “would threaten public safety and improperly harm protected rivers and farmland.” Oregon LNG, the company involved, plans to appeal this ruling. Tribal leaders, landowners, fishermen, activists from impacted communities and their allies will be at the Capitol on May 26 to say: “No LNG; No Pipelines; Protect Oregon Our Home.”

May 26 at 11:30 am at the Capitol Building 900 Court Street NE Salem