Turntablism is the art of manipulating sounds and creating music using direct-drive turntables and a DJ mixer. This endeavor is explored in detail & experiment on the air through DJ Swone’s program – Needle Cypher! By manipulating 2 records on the platter with drum rhythms and vocals or other instrumentation a DJ can compose a unique sequence of musical patterns. This practice has become a huge ear-grabbing approach to some of the most popular songs of all time. Rap, funk, and soul are veritable quarries of material to mix and match for these hooks and verse infrastructures. Music from the Hip-Hop culture is focused on from artists you won’t hear on a syndicated station plus your hosts also showcase local and independent musicians. These guests are invited to join in a live emcee “Cypher”- the art of improvised rhyming and singing.

Occasionally Needle Cypher features an artist that may not fit into the traditional definition of or guide lines of what is Hip-hop. If you take a look back at the beginning of the Hip-hop movement DJs were playing soul, rock, punk, blues, jazz, and funk. They were also assisting in shaping the Hip-Hop culture while playing the variety of music at block parties.

Host DJ Swone comments, “Sometimes I can’t deny an opportunity to feature an artist that may not be considered an emcee or DJ. Jon Fro will be featured on the November 16th episode of the show. He has a new album being released this month and is a well-rounded and extremely talented musician!”

Tune into your community radio station for yet another arm of the diverse and defined musical landscape! Needle Cypher airs alternate Sunday nights from 9pm – 11pm on 88.5FM and streaming from kmuz.org! Complete schedule details are available online.


Th Nov 13 12:30pm – Paws For Thought Radio Show: Terri brings you Mandy Boyer, Willamette Humane Society’s Humane Educator to discuss prevention of dog bites and how to stay safe.

Th Nov 13 1:00pm – This Week In Salem: Host Ken Adams and Salem Weekly publisher AP Walther discuss news and features in the current issue.  Reporter Helen Caswell joins the discussion.

Fr Nov 14 8:30am – Talking About Art: New Host ZJ will interview Salem Artist Rollie Wisbrock about his art and his place in the local artist community.

Fr Nov 14 noon – Alternative Radio: David Barsamian presents a discussion entitled “ISIS, the Kurds & Turkey” by scholar Noam Chomsky. In one index he is ranked as the eighth most cited person in history. He is the author of scores of books, including Hopes & Prospects, Masters of Mankind, How the World Works, and Power Systems with David Barsamian

Sa Nov 15 2:00pm – The MashUp: Marc hosts a live performance and interview Portland’s Three For Silver, one of the most innovative contemporary bands out there.

Su Nov 16 7:00pm – Local Roots: Robert Richter continues the Alberta Street Pub live series with Rachel Taylor Brown

Su Nov 16 9:00pm – Needle Cypher: DJ Swone interviews local artist Jon Fro about his new album.

Mo Nov 17 noon – Aging Without Raging: B Lee Coyne interviews Phyllis Harmon and Leanna Lindquist, members of Toastmasters International.

Mo Nov 17 2:00pm – Mundo Mojo: DJ Arlene features a LIVE in-studio performance by Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited, a celebrated musical group from Zimbabwe, Africa (now based in Eugene, OR).  They play Chimurenga music (or music for the struggle of the people), a unique African genre whose beats are traditional and timeless, featuring the sounds of the African thumb piano (mbira) and the guitar.

Tu Nov 18 1:00pm – Transgender World 101: DJ Kris Rieck hosts special guest trans woman Charissa Grace of McMinnville as she discusses transgender employment discrimination in McMinnville.

Th Nov 20 12:30pm – Paws For Thought Radio Show: Terri interviews the VCA Animal Hospital regarding their new urgent care clinic and how to keep your pets safe over the holidays.

Th Nov 20 1:00pm – Waste Matters – On The Air: Alan Pennington and Jessica Ramey feature Ashley Zanolli of the US Environmental Protection Agency to discuss Ashley’s groundbreaking efforts to stem the tide of food waste through her work on the West Coast’s Food: Too Good to Waste program.

Fr Nov 21 noon – Alternative Radio: David Barsamian presents a discussion entitled “Nonviolence Works” by Erica Chenoweth, Associate Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. She is an internationally recognized authority on alternatives to violence. She is co-author of the award-winning book, Why Civil Resistance Works.

Su Nov 23 7:00pm – Local Roots: Robert Richter continues the Alberta Street Pub live series with Professor Gall

For a complete schedule of KMUZ programs, go to kmz.org.