As progressive as the music of Symmetry/Symmetry is, one may be surprised as to how far in the past their recording retroactively stretches. The new album set to be released in a few months was theorized in 2007 and started drum tracking in 2011 right on the heels of “Have Cake”, the band’s second CD. Conceptually they are actually 2 albums ahead but between each of the lives of the members it’s been a weightier, slower process. In some cases that can add substance and significance to the songs themselves. This, I will guarantee, is one of those instances.

“Infinity” is a collection of songs that have a common thread holding them in concert and delve into a range of subject matter. “These songs went through many phases,” commented Andrew, the trio’s drummer and writer when referring to the lengthy writing and recording process.

“Words have a musical weight. I usually find myself reciting one line as a concept and building the entire song around that idea” remarked writer, guitarist, and vocalist Daniel in regard to the “backhanded thematic elements” that are inherent in their latest work. The trio of Joel Uram, Andrew Quackenbush, and Daniel Jones has worked with other musicians in the past but found that Symmetry/Symmetry is interminably caught in this perfect triad of personalities and creative collaboration. The band’s track record of show-stopping performances and intricately engaging songs can live like the memory of specific people in your head; each one with an unforgettable face and signature voice. (

Salem, you have the comradic opportunity to see and hear this amazing group perform live at Venti’s Tap House Saturday night! They will be playing music off every past album, their imminent new record and even unreleased songs from a bonafide concept album! This anthology of energy will strongly detail the message they left upon: “If it goes out into the universe it already happened.”