Virgos are known for being picky, critical, and methodical, with great attention to detail. Celebrate your Virgosity and that of your friends with Angela Yeager’s production, Virgo Fest- celebrating her birth and all those ‘Maiden’ mid-August through mid-September. Revel with Natalie’s contemplative and captivating songs, Laci Rae’s dance energy, Torres’ beat boxing, Hank C. Porches’ death rag-time, and Coronation’s synth-pop dance party fuel.

The tight ship that Yeager builds for her shows has reoccurring organizational and branding harmony. Once again utilizing the poster artistic hand of the award winning Santiago Uceda to tie together the visual and conceptual look along-side a diverse musical palate with something for everyone. Cake and pie will be served and the event is free! With innovation and fun in their mission everyone involved in this show gets the old tip-of-the-hat from us here at the Salem Weekly for walking the walk and really being the change we enjoy seeing in local live production.

Salem is a small city but the musical memories being made by this and other local shows all contribute to the terrain of vibrant artistry courtesy of all disciplines. Thanks to all the critical, picky, and organizational Virgo-spirited movers and shakers. If you would like to add to your local tapestry of expression and community involvement- support local music and business. You do make a difference no matter when you were born!


Saturday August 30

7:00pm – All ages – Free

Ike Box 299 Cottage Street NE