Don’t look for a lot of “highfalutin” tunes on Max Marbles’ “Zydeco ‘n Blues” show on KMUZ radio (Tuesdays, 8-10 p.m., or streaming live at  He prefers tunes that originate from the “front porch.”

Max launched “Zydeco ‘n Blues” as one of KMUZ’s earliest shows, taking listeners down to Southwest Louisiana once a week to experience the sounds of the bayou – Zydeco, Cajun, and Creole – that make up a vast gumbo of music from French, African, and Afro-Caribbean influences.  In preparing for his new hobby as a DJ, Max bought more than $1,000 worth of music from iTunes to fuel his playlists.  “The earlier the better,” says Max.  “I’m not all that interested in the modern, highly produced stuff.  I like what I call scratchy realism…Some time back I quit apologizing to my listeners for the occasional scratchy records.  To me, part of the attraction is how real it sounds.  You can hear them out on the front porch, dogs barking, kids crying.”

Marbles fell in love with this music back in his days as a band roadie when his work took him to New Orleans.  “I just loved it all – the music, the food, and the people.” When his son attended Tulane University in New Orleans, he had many more opportunities to visit Louisiana and to learn about the unique culture of this special part of the U.S.

The term “Zydeco” is relatively new, Max explains, starting in the 1950s with the breakthrough sounds of Clifton Chenier, who merged Cajun and Creole music with R&B, jazz, and blues.  Chenier went on to play on the premier season of PBS’s “Austin City Limits” and win a Grammy Award.  He is credited with designing the“vest frottior” – the now iconic washboard instrument that is such a part of modern Zydeco.

Max says there is a vibrant Zydeco scene in Oregon.  Just last year, rising star Rosie Ledet headlined at the Salem Art Fair.  And the Cascade Zydeco organization in Portland hosts regular music and dance events for those interested in learning more (

You can keep up with Max and his show by visiting www.facebook/ZydecoMax.

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