Sources tell Salem Weekly that insiders in the City of Salem were provoked by a letter received last week from the Department of Land Conservation and Development Community Services Division (DLCD) that referred to the fact that the Salem River Crossing project – which continues to be planned and advocated, including with a public Open House in June – doesn’t meet state regulations for land use.

The letter, addressed to Transportation Planning Manager, Julie Warncke, referred to the problem; the placement of part of the proposed bridge outside the urban growth boundary (UGB) of the city of Salem.

The issue is that being outside the UGB means the project does not follow State goals for 1) agricultural lands, 2) public facilities, 3) urbanization and, 4) the Willamette River Greenway.

This information was available as early as a year ago, when the DLCD gave a presentation outlining the difficulties of the Salem River Crossing plan, stating that it didn’t meet land use requirements or statewide planning goals.

The June 23 letter to Warncke suggests two solutions; one is to extend the boundary to include bridge construction and the other is to request and obtain exceptions to written State goals.