Thanks to you, the listener, our ‘community radio station that could’ has had yet another successful pledge drive campaign, procuring more than our required goal! Your help allows KMUZ to continue its positive influence on the community. In return, we couldn’t be more driven than we are now to improve both the signal and the content. This week we’ll celebrate with some hard rock classics.

Adding to the rock and roll hype of Thursdays at KMUZ 88.5FM is Eric Gessner’s “Now and Then Show” at 8pm. Epic songs of high production value guitar-wielding rock stars are the focus of his show. Bands such as Kings X, Rush, Tesla, California Breed, Black Star Riders, and more are all showcased. Melodic hard rock and progressive metal are at the center of the “Now and Then Show’s” altar of music worship.

Eric Gessner’s persona matches the attitude of this music and its makers- a very enthusiastic and high energy take on life. Excitement for the genre he presents is evident through the booming electricity in Eric’s voice, delivering a veritable encyclopedia of hard rock information.  A few minutes with Eric, and you’ll find yourself mysteriously channeling Rush or Stix!

A key feature of Eric’s show is the interviews he’s conducted with international rock and roll sensations, local promoters and performers.  You can find out more about what’s going on in the world of big arena rock by joining “Now and Then – KMUZ 88.5FM/” on Facebook.  Eric will keep you up to date with concert information and the latest releases from all of the heavy-hitting bands. Tune into KMUZ 88.5FM or stream online at every Thursday at 8pm for 3 hours of comprehensive coverage from an obsessed Guitar Rock aficionado, both “Now and Then”! Party on, Garth!