Cyberspace is the place and technology is the race. David Duncan’s Northwest Tech Show takes an innovative and underground approach to scientifically based stories. Along with co-host Nate Darnell and a cast of technologically savvy guests they discuss and educate listeners in an effort to encourage and extend the tech scene here in the Salem and surrounding area.

Technology that is viable in health, travel, internet, business, entertainment, and more are all topics. Even if you are a layman- you find yourself being sucked into the conversations and ultimately being involved in the dialogue. After all, these topics of applied sciences affect all of our lives!

When asked how he teamed up with Nate, Duncan said, “Nate and I had neighboring solo shows (NW Tech Show at noon, with Nu Health Radio at 1pm). Nate features academic papers, while I mainly curate free media from the net. He’d been a great guest a couple of times, so I offered to regularly stay late and help on his show if he came in early to co-host mine, and suddenly both shows became much more fun and accessible, delivering information in the form of a spirited and humor-filled conversation between two knowledgeable friends. The synergy of such a seemingly random team-up really symbolizes for me the magic of KMUZ Community Radio.”

David Duncan also spends a lot of time training DJ’s for KMUZ, video documenting station functions, and working in preproduction to give you the best product possible. Truly, your community radio station would not be as effective without the dedication and enthusiasm of ‘Duncan’, last year’s KMUZ Volunteer of the Year.

From Hackers to Homemakers- NW Tech Show has relevant tech talk for everyone interested in expanding their scientific mind! Listen every Wednesday afternoon from 12 noon – 1pm on KMUZ 88.5FM and streaming from!