Northwest Notes is a KMUZ show that discusses local music makers and their sweet, sweet nectar. The show lives up to its namesake thru Interviews with local producers, musicians, and in-studio performances & plays of their recorded music for the listening audience. The host of the program Michael Hickman has his finger on the pulse of the community’s live performances and up and coming bands.

“There’s great music being made and no one is going to hear it if we don’t put it out there,” said Mick when asked about why he loves doing his radio show. “I love being on this Salem roller coaster of a music scene, especially when we seem to be on an upswing! I really think it’s a great sign of a busy music culture when I have to pick which of the many shows I am going to attend.”

If there is an event that has music at its center, or a band that is a popular local mover and shaker you can bet Mick will cover their story…  you can probably even meet him at the show; he is also an avid show-goer and fan of live wavelength propagation.

Finally, Mick had this to say, ”I play older area music on the show too- we’ve been making great music around here for years!” Northwest Notes is on every Sunday from 4pm-6pm on KMUZ 88.5FM or streaming from!