I encourage you to discover a largely hidden side of Salem: its blogosphere.

Out in cyberspace, Salem bloggers urge us to wake up to what our city can become; they critique its urban design polices; they praise the creativity of Salemians. And more!

I’ve focused on blogs because they’re a Middle Way.

More substantive than ephemeral Twitter and Facebook. Less stodgy than a typical steadfast web site. Some of these Salem’y Internet denizens defy easy categorization though.

Google, and you shall find them. If a site hasn’t gotten much Google love I’ve shown the URL.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes at breakfastonbikes.blogspot.com speaks out intelligently on much more than its name implies. Great resource for what’s going right and wrong with local transportation and urban planning issues.

Note: I bear B on B no ill will (well, just a little) for rejecting my call to have us refer to ourselves as Salemians instead of Salemites. I agree with them on almost everything else they blog about.

Salem Is salemis.org aims at “revealing a city through its stories.” Some excellent writing and photography here. I really enjoyed Phil Decker’s Hiking Salem’s Wilderness.

He’s documented the Lancaster Drive Trail, Silverton Road Trail, Salem Parkway Trail, and others. Plus Keizer Station Botanical Gardens —“where splendid landscapes abound, such as this row of amber waves of grain adorning the Subway drive thru.”

freewestsalem.info is a new site that reveals mysteries of the little known land across the river. Passionate, well-documented, and pleasingly acerbic about how City officials have been screwing things up in West Salem.

Thumbs up to: “The Clean Streams Hug-a-Tree City shows its true face. Beyond the embarrassment and hypocrisy, beyond the pollution and environmental degradation is the issue of public safety and the abdication of policy making to the Public Works Department. It speaks volumes about the City of Salem City Council.”

LoveSalem at lovesalem.blogspot.com adores putting the environment and people before cars. Interesting posts about living on our planet as if we intend to stay. Which, of course, humans have to, until I perfect the Warp Drive I’m working on in my garage.

eatsalem.com does a terrific job keeping up on restaurant goings-on, including openings and closings. Lots of reviews also. Their Twitter feed has many retweets from Salem eateries and drinkeries. Great one-stop way to keep on top of the Salem-area restaurant scene.

daveInSalem.wordpress.com focuses on sharing events and other happenings in the area. Dave also has many useful links to sites of general interest to Salemians.

foodtrucksalem.com promotes what hopefully will be an ever-burgeoning mobile food scene. Changing the outmoded City code that governs food trucks is a top immediate priority for the Salem Food Truck Association.

There are other Salem blogs and web sites worth exploring, including Salem Creative Company (salemdowntown.net). Plus my own; link below. Sorry I couldn’t mention them all.

Tip: I use Feedly to tell me about new posts on blogs I follow. Free and fast.


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