Though local alternative rock band Kalico has been a full electric band since 2010 and has been regarded as one of the most popular local acts from that time until now, the combo is just now releasing its debut album, The Ingredients, at a show at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 15 at Duffy’s Hangar (2275 McGilchrist St. SE). Tickets are $5 for the 21-and-older concert, which also features popular local band Jamalia and upstarts The Mel B’s.

Though bassist Matt Robberstad said that Kalico began recording shortly after forming the electric version of the band, that “between [the band’s] schedules, and the schedules of the studio and the engineer, everything just took a lot longer than expected.”

However, the delay likely has the alternative rock act’s fans chompin’ at the bit. The album features the tracks “Wishing Well,” “If I Could Be Me,” “Free Man,” “I Go Numb,” “Sheriff,” “Losing All Control,” “Mama’s In The Kitchen,” “Life’s A Bitch,” “Early Morning Time,” “Feelin’ Bad,” and “All Alone,” and Kalico’s signature sound that blends 90’s alternative with classic rock radio hooks and sensibilities.

“As we were making a transition into a record, we wanted to just get in there and get our songs down,” said Robberstad. “We spent two nights deciding what we wanted to put on the CD, what best represented us and would be a good balance of what we do.”

Robberstad said that after the new album is release the band is preparing to record an E.P. with newer material. However, the bassist seemed focused on playing live.

“Playing the show is my favorite part of being in a band… getting on stage and playing for people,”  said Robberstad. “[Duffy’s Hangar] is a great venue, they have the best stage and setup in town.”

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