Sons of Huns,
Saturday, April 6
Browns Towne Lounge, 189 Liberty St. NE
9 p.m., free, 21+
Would you like to rub shoulders with this generation’s Cherry City rock n’ roll royalty? This shindig pits the sons of Salem versus the flag bearers and adopted descendents of the Hun dynasty for an epic rock n’ roll throw-down that will shatter (already shot) eardrums and make casual rockers and Canadian-tuxedo-sporting mustacheod rock snobs (and everybody in-between) grin in udder delight. Due to the tall ceilings, the venue is deceptively small, so make sure to secure your nook for yourself and your gang if you plan on sitting. Monoplaners take note, this gig isn’t an album release, but rumor has it that Monoplane is close to releasing a new album. There’s also pinball in the back of Browns, so that’s cool too.

Romancing the West
Sunday, April 7
Historic Elsinore Theatre, 170 High St. SE
3 p.m., $27-32, all-ages
High Street’s second oldest active theatre is hosting a concert that spans 240 years of music in the American West. The concert features several acts, including Woodstock performer Melanie, pop duo Gypsy Soul, jazz pianist Patti Moran McCoy, classic rocker Martin Gerschwitz of Iron Butterfly,  guitarist Byron Fry, Sons of the Oregon Trail with poet Butch Martin, Lovesong’s Chuck Girard, and Christina Duane. The concert’s not a complete history of all the musical nuances, trends, genres and subgenres from Manifest Destiny onward, but it’s about as close as one can get in a neat and tidy package on a Sunday afternoon in Salem. It’s also a pretty rad idea.

Meet the Folkers
Friday, April 12
Grand Theatre, 191 High St. NE
7:30 p.m., $12, all-ages
Har, har, har. Don’t mind the cheesy name, this concert features a stellar line-up of heavy hitters with True North, Gallon House and Your Friendly Beast all scheduled to perform. As you may have guessed from the tongue-in-cheek concert name, each of these bands fall in the broad category of “folk”. However, attendees won’t be board by an overdose of run-of-the-mill fare. Northwest favorite True North features hints of Americana, while upstart Gallon House ventures anywhere between indie pop and foot stompin’ country western, and Your Friendly Beast has elements of bouncy and quirky pop rock. Tickets for the show can be found at

Cascade Rye
Friday, April 12
Boon’s Treasury, 888 Liberty St. NE
9 p.m., free, 21+
Albany-based country band Cascade Rye will be gracing the Cherry City with it’s album release. The core of the band boasts a talented husband-wife duo that are extremely skilled at their given instruments (acoustic bass and violin) and nail harmonies like how Pro Tools would have you believe your favorite pop artist does. Though the act is firmly rooted in country, they show their influences with covers of artists associated with other genres. To the best of my knowledge, this is Cascade Rye’s first appearance at Boon’s, and though it likely won’t be its last, I wouldn’t skip out on this show if you’re of a fan of country (or Tom Petty, wink, wink).

Matty “Mr. Nice Guy 2” Album Release
Saturday, April 13
Ike Box, 299 Cottage St. NE
7 p.m., $5, all-ages
Local hip hop mainstay Matty is performing “his last show in Salem ever” for unspecified reasons to celebrate the release of his follow up to “Mr. Nice Guy”, which was released in late winter of 2012. Often when artists announce their “last show ever” it’s a marketing ploy for one last good show, but Matty has no plans to hang up the mic. Though we’re baffled as to why Matty is swearing of the Cherry City, we’re stoked to see a new release by the promising artist and a stellar lineup including Portland’s TxE and Salem’s DJ Payne. For more information about Matty, visit For tickets to the show, visit

70×7 Productions
13-year Anniversary
Saturday, April 13
Blacklight Bar, 610 Marion St. NE
8 p.m., $5, 21+
Andy Blankenheim has put together and anniversary show with three — count ‘em — three reunion performances by popular local bands from the last decade. Electronic hard rock act Moothart will be returning with a new record along with punk rockers Academy and hardcore outfit Our Great Golden Man. All three of the acts were common bill stuffers five-to-seven years ago when Andy and his gang were most active, putting on mostly all-ages shows around town several times a week at venues like “The Sip”. New experimental noise act “BeardRVBBER” will also perform.

George Lopez
Saturday, April 13
Spirit Mountain, 27100 Salmon River Hwy
8 p.m., $40+, 21+
You may know George Lopez from his sitcom on ABC or his short-lived Lopez Tonight (which I only knew about because they promoted it relentlessly on Conan O’Brien’s show when he first signed on to TBS). The dude was once billed as the “Cosby” of the Latino/Chicano community, but has since had some silly and baffling feuds with fellow fading celebrities like Kirstie Alley stemming from some dumb comments a la Donald Trump. But how many comedians haven’t? This show marks one of the bigger performers Spirit Mountain has snagged in recent memory, and will likely sell out despite the higher-than-standard Spirt Mountain ticket price. For more information and tickets, visit