“Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Microvascular Decompression” – an unusual and compelling title for artwork, but the subject is anything but usual and the backstory is powerful – is part of the exhibit “Bioscapes” by Daniel Kreitzberg.  Kreitzberg, a third generation Oregonian, born and raised in Salem, is the 2013 Emerging Artist in the Focus Gallery at Salem Art Association.

The “Bioscapes” series began in 2008 in response to the untimely death of a loved one suffering from Synovial Sarcoma.   Daniel describes that “In an attempt to save her life she underwent a lengthy surgery to remove the cancerous tumors from her pelvis,” he processed his grief by painting close-up views of tumor removal surgeries.   Daniel feels, “the creation of this series is a therapeutic artistic endeavor influenced by the experiences of loved ones,” and found that “the subject matter is challenging on both physical and mental levels.”

Viewing the human body from the inside, especially during a surgical procedure is difficult for many people.  It was no different for Daniel and he began by viewing the images as blocks of color.  Through countless hours and images it has desensitized him to what he describes as “the gruesomeness of his chosen subject matter.”  Yet, on an abstract level the paintings are far from gruesome – they are bold, vibrant, and beautiful.

About Daniel:  In 2012, he completed an Arts Administration internship at the Salem Art Association and is currently working toward BS degrees in Psychology and Art Practices at PSU.  He is also participatng on a project at OHSU called Boards of Hope project, which involves working with oncology patients to create artworks on skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards.