A survey released by Oregon Business magazine, listing the 100 Best Non-Profits to work for in Oregon includes several familiar Salem companies.  Nearly 5,000 people participated in the study of ‘best-practices’ for non-profits, an industry that employs hundreds of thousands in Oregon.

Three categories were presented; “large businesses,” which considers those with 50 or more Oregon employees, “medium” ones of 20-49, and “small” which are for companies of less than 19 workers.

A preponderance of winners were located in Portland, not surprising when Oregon’s total population is about 3,870,000 and the Portland metropolitan area includes 2,260,000.

But Salem produced significant contenders.  In the “large” business category, Salem’s own MAPS Credit Union came in 16th in the state.  SAIF (a worker’s compensation organization) came in 25th and Family Building Blocks (providing therapeutic support services) came in 28th.

In the “medium” business group, Travel Oregon, which promotes tourism in the state, came in 22nd.

Three local companies placed in the category for “small” organizations; 9th was the Galt Foundation, a group that provides temporary staffing with individuals with disabilities.  Sixteenth was Valley Credit Union and 22nd was Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, which concentrates on finance and career readiness for high school students.

The survey included an anonymous employee survey and an employer benefits survey, which Oregon Business magazine says were administered by DHM Research, a Portland polling firm.

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon helped craft the questions that were used.