Organic Fresh Fingers is all grown up. The company that is teaching kids that fresh, local produce can taste good has made a giant leap in growth itself. It’s now based in Fairview Industrial Park.

“It is awesome,” says Evann Remington, who started the company four years ago. “We have a real proper state-of-the-art processing facility and we can efficiently and significantly increase our production. We have seen a big jump in our contracts.”

The company provides 7,500 fresh, local and organic lunches during the school year and 7,000 in the summer.

Part of that jump is the ability to now serve the Salem Boys and Girls Club with organic lunches. Last year, the organization served 81,000 lunches to Salem children.

“This makes two customers for us in Salem,” Remington says. “That is a huge success for us to have some support in our hometown. It is something we have struggled with.”

The company has combined their administrative and production facilities under one roof. “Our revenue will double next year and we are very excited about that,” Remington says.

They are producing around four times the amount that they were at the peak of last year, Remington says. The cool part is that they’ve reached a tipping point where they can offer more and more local ingredients and organic produce by using their increased bargaining power.

The new location is on 11 acres, so expansion is a possibility. The 14,000-square-foot space is shared with Wandering Aengus Cider. “It is nice to be able to partner with local companies. That way we were able to make such a huge jump in production space and build an energy-efficient building to the highest standards by partnering with another growing local company looking to expand,” she says.

The location means meals can get on the road fast. “We are a minute from the freeway, and that helps with our deliveries to Portland, Eugene and now Bend,” Remington says. She adds that they are committed to Fairview because of its commitment to sustainability. The company uses solar panels to heat water and provide some electricity to the building.

They may be growing, but the ability to shift and give customers what they need remains priority. “We are able to provide vegetarian options, dairy-free options and gluten-free options to our schools and programs,” Remington says.

Long-term, the company hopes to continue to grow. She says, “We are really excited to serve the Boys and Girls Club and to add more throughout Oregon.”

Ribbon Cutting – October 12th at 10:30 a.m.

4070 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE

Tour and food samples available