OMG! WTF, justice? There’s a lot of talk in the news recently about justice. That’s something that Casey Anthony is guilty of: having society make grandiose statements about things that they clearly know nothing about.

You don’t have to go much farther than Headline News and Nancy Grace. Grace has to spend the majority of her time looking for a pretty, normally blonde but she’ll compromise. It seems that her head might explode at the possibility that the justice system, one of which she used to be a part of, found someone innocent despite the fact that she believes they are guilty. In a couple of weeks, she’ll move onto the next pretty little thing that is either an alleged criminal or was a victim of a horrible incident. She’ll keep exploiting them for ratings and the silly masses will keep giving them to her.

What’s more frightening than a know-nothing talk show host are the people that are posturing like justice failed Caylee Anthony. Is it justice? Or is it the prosecution in the court? The mob mentality spearheaded by people like Grace and the producers of Court TV had already convicted the innocent-until-proven-guilty Anthony. She’s innocent. The justice system worked, because the prosecution didn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she murdered her child. Instead, we have lawmakers like Oklahoma State Representative Paul Wesselhoft telling, things like: “We’re all outraged that Caylee did not receive justice. There’s no question about that.”

Wesselhoft is one of politicians in at least four states (Florida, Oklahoma, New York, and West Virginia) hoping to leverage the publicity of the Anthony trial to add more laws regarding the timeframes of when missing persons are required to be reported.

“It probably won’t be a deterrent to crime, but at least it’s something the prosecutors can charge someone with who’s violated the law,” Wesselhoft told “If this law was in Florida, Casey would have some more jail time to stand.”

More jail time for a crime she didn’t commit. According to the judicial system, Casey did not kill her child. She received justice because she had a fair trial. She was acquitted. Is she a liar? Yes. Did she kill her child? Not beyond a reasonable doubt, according to a jury of her peers. Justice was served, because the mob mentality did not convict and murder Casey Anthony. We might not agree with it, but innocent until proven guilty is just that. OMG! WTF, justice?