Pentacle Theatre will debut Thornton Wilder’s classic American play “Our Town” on Friday, June 3.

“Our Town” is performed in three acts, each with a theme: daily life, then love and marriage and finally death and eternity. Though the play is sparsely staged, the story is anything but sparse. The play starts with the on-stage narrator we know only as the Stage Manager. He lets the audience in on some of the history and back stories of two families in the early 20th century.

The play shows the intimate and personal lives of two families The Gibbs and the Webbs who live next door to one another in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. The story covers 12 years of their lives.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning play has been a favorite for directors, actors and audiences because the focus is on character development. Actors mime the objects they use on a bare stage and sound effects are created live on the stage.

Robert Herzog is directing the Pentacle production. For show and ticket information, visit their website at