Last week, Attorney General John Kroger celebrated the Oregon Senate’s forward momentum on cracking down on charities that spend more than 70 percent of their donations on fundraising and management. The Senate voted 28-2 on Senate Bill 40. It will now move to the Oregon House. “Most charities in Oregon provide badly needed support for veterans, children and other worthy causes, but unfortunately some nonprofits do little to benefit the public,” said Kroger in a statement. “I want to thank Finance and Revenue Committee Chair Sen. Ginny Burdick and Vice Chair Sen. Frank Morse as well as committee members Sen. Mark Hass and Sen. Chris Telfer for their leadership on this important bill.” If the bill passes, Oregon, according to Kroger’s office, will be the first state to eliminate tax subsidies for nonprofits that do little to benefit the public.

CNN reports that since February 2010, 406 bottlenose dolphins have been found dead or stranded off the Gulf Coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are calling the deaths “unexplained mortality events.” But the Daily Mail reports that the National Marine Fisheries Service issued a gag order on biologists investigating the deaths because of the federal criminal investigation into last year’s BP disaster. Dr. Erin Fougeres, a marine biologist with the Fisheries Service, told the Daily Mail: “We are treating the evidence, which are the dolphin samples, like a murder case. The chain of custody is being closely watched. Every dolphin sample is considered evidence in the BP case now.”

Salem City Council approved moving forward with Seaport Airlines to bring commercial air service to Salem Municipal Airport. The airline will also enjoy waived landing fees for six months and parking will be increased from $1 to $3 a day in the airport terminal. Salem City Council approved each of the motions unanimously. Service will begin on April 25. A one-way ticket to Portland will range from $32.70 to $52.70.

Oregon lawmaker Jefferson Smith decided to pull the ultimate political prank and rickroll the Oregon Legislature. According to Yahoo News coverage, Smith and his wife conceived a plan to get lawmakers to use lyrics in their floor speeches. He then gathered the speeches and cut it together. Could it be the best rickroll ever? See for yourself:

Still seeing the Statesman Journal pink bags all over the streets in vacant lots, vacationing neighbors’ driveways and generally strewn around Salem? The Salem City Council will take up the issue next in a public hearing on April 25, 6:30 p.m. for “unsolicited written materials.” The current proposal being worked on would establish regulation for deliveries and penalties for those who would violate them.

The uber-cool Venti’s Cafe will soon add a second location in Salem complete with their popular, rotating craft brew selections. Downtown fans, don’t worry. They’ll still be on hand to feed hungry downtowners with literally tons of chicken and rice. They are looking at opening their new location in the former Buster’s BBQ location on South Commercial this summer.