Is Governor Kitzhaber responsible for damaging winter storms? Readers of the Statesman Journal were presented with that argument in the February 8 edition of the daily newspaper. “Either the governor and his girlfriend get honorably married or people must recall him from office. Already people are noticing how nature is showing signs of distress by damaging storms. What is real?” wrote Joe Spenner of Stayton. The letter under the heading “Letters: Morals” is within the usual scope of religious rhetoric for the Statesman Journal Opinion page, but shocking nonetheless. Here’s hoping the Governor can make spring come sooner by clicking his booted heels.

There was an app for that. Confessions went digital earlier this month with an iPhone app that was apparently approved by a priest. Shortly after release, it was struck down by the Vatican. Spokesman for the Vatican Federico Lombardi told the Daily Mail, ‘It is essential to understand that the rites of penance require a personal dialogue between penitents and their confessor. It cannot be replaced by a computer application. I must stress to avoid all ambiguity, under no circumstance is it possible to confess by iPhone.” Back to the booth with you, sinners.

Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Eugene) put out a call to action to stop Republicans in the House of Representative from cutting funding to public broadcasting. Blumenauer is founder and chair of the Public Broadcasting Caucus, so it’s not surprising that he’s standing up for Big Bird and crew. Blumenauer points out that the Republicans are not pitching ideas to stop subsidies to big oil, but is instead focusing on the 0.0001% of taxes that are spent on public broadcasting.

The station wagon has gone the way of the Hummer. Volvo is the latest car manufacturer to rip the grocery getter from production lines. Apparently no one in the country wants to buy one. It’s likely due to the lack of wood paneling.

“Don’t do a Google search!” Glenn Beck is scared of Google. Are they a front organization for the United States government? Is Jared Cohen, the Google executive involved in the Egyptian revolutionary movement in fact a government operative? Only Beck’s chalkboard will show the true answers. Beck said, “It used to be called propaganda. What do we call it now? That’s right – community organizing.” Or Fox News.

The dot-com bubble is starting to blow up again with major Internet entities aiming for the fat cash. Pandora joins a growing list of Internet companies like GroupOn and LinkedIn looking to move forward with an IPO in the near future. Let’s party like it’s 1999.