After fifteen years of making music, Salem-local Devitto P, who specializes in hip hop & harmony, is finally releasing his first full-length album, “The Blacklight.”

“I’m a perfectionist,” says Devitto P, who gets his name from the actor: “I’m short and I’m always cracking jokes.”

Currently, Devitto P is ranked #1 in the local ReverbNation hip hop chart and #2 for all genres in Salem, only behind the Ty Curtis band.

Blacklight, the single, was released in late October and is playing in clubs all over town.

“All the DJs wanna play it. Usually, if people don’t know a song, they don’t dance to it,” he says. That hasn’t been a problem for Blacklight.

Already, the song is getting radio play in three stations overseas.

“There’s a recession, people have relationship problems … Whatever you’re going through, Blacklight will make you feel good,” says Devitto.

The album is the story of a night in Devitto’s life. It starts with “You can’t have me” and ends with “You can’t have me, remix.”

“The Blacklight is like a movie. I’m getting ready to go out, go to the club, meet some girls, I’m talking to a particular girl, then it’s the after party, then sex, and what happens after all that. To get the big picture, you gotta listen to it front to back,” says Devitto.

Devitto P signed a non-exclusive contract with Rufus Records and he wants to make a deal with a major record label that will propel his career.

He’s actually already preparing to become a celebrity.

“The feedback I’ve received is ridiculous! People say, ‘I don’t even like hip-hop but I love this!'” says the artist, who says he’s already having trouble going to the store without having people come up to praise him.

“I’ve always believed that there’s a star inside, and the journey, the struggle to get there is making me the man I’m becoming. Now with this album, people are telling me, ‘Man, you’re gonna be a star.’ I’m just enjoying every little piece as it comes. The hardest part now is surrounding myself with people who have a true intention.”

While it used to be difficult for Devitto P to find DJs, now he says that everyone wants to jump on his team.

“Nobody believed in me. Now that all this is going on, I got to pick and choose; that’s why I had to get a manager to make the best business decision.”

The honor will go to DJ Getdown, but Devitto is also working with DJ Shawn Stylz who is creating a techno version of Blacklight and the two will soon be featured together at a local rave.

“I’m not locked into hip-hop. My next album [‘Blackout’] has a straight pop beat that sounds like something Lady Gaga would do. I feel the need to challenge myself with a pop song. Blackout is a collaboration of hip-hop, R&B and rock.”

Devitto P is in the process of building a stage set, which he’s calling a “hiphopera.”

“I want it to be visual so when you come to my show you get the experience with a little acting, a little mystery and controversy.”

While Devitto is enjoying the success, he says that it is not the main drive behind his music.

“My whole purpose is to touch people,” says the artist, who believes in the power of music to change the world and express emotions.

“I may not find the right words but I’ll find a song that will tell you exactly what I feel … I really want people to hear my voice. If I’m up there, I’m expressing in my music what you feel and you can feel what I feel. I don’t do hip-hop for money or fame. I feel like music makes the world go around.”