🙂 Clearing Mill Creek

In 2008, city officials and volunteers made it a priority to clear invasive species and ivy around the State Lands Building. The project is now complete and the creek is even more beautiful. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all involved. The project is seeking new volunteers to keep up with continued needs; to volunteer contact Julie Curtis at city hall.

:-$ Free admission

Last month, organizers of the Salem Art Fair and Festival announced they will charge admission this year – $5 a day or $7 for a weekend pass. We acknowledge that this is a modest fee, but the bigger question is how much money are they going to pay to fence in a public area and funnel all those people to ticket booths?

😛 Poor, poor rich people

A February report from Northeastern University’s Center for Labor Studies found that unemployment for individuals making more than $150,000 was a meager 3 percent while the plebes making less than that stagger for sure footing with somewhere between 10 and 17 percent depending on the numbers used. President Changey McChangerson needs to step on the gas as hope is fading fast.

🙁 Piling on the transit board

In her state of the city speech last month, Mayor Janet Taylor took a parting shot at the Salem-Keizer Transit Board and the effect scuttling Saturday service had on businesses. Mrs. Taylor, with all due respect, the board is subject to the tax dollars voters are willing to allocate to it. If you feel this strongly now, you should have taken a stand when the ballots were in people’s hands.

🙂 Free clinics

Hearts in Salem Monthly’s newsroom are knobby, calloused things soaked in whiskey with the hope of softening them enough to keep trudging along, but even we note with great appreciation the success and expansion of Salem Free Medical Clinic and numerous other clinics springing up to assist those in need. Hats off to the dedicated and thoughtful volunteers involved and, please, keep up the good work. We’re going to need you if this whiskey thing doesn’t pan out.